Our Beach

Our beach is just 5 minute walk from the hotel. Located in the most beautify area, our beach is open to all and not visited often. The beach is both long and wide  and is made up of small pebbles and sand.

Portes Beach

Located on the southern side of coastal Astros and only a 3 minute ride from the centre. Named after the Portes Meligous area where a part of it was the mouth of the now non-existent river moustou. The beach is comprised of sand and pebbles with relatively deep, clean waters. The beach is popular with many visitors who like to do extreme water sports as quite often there are strong winds in the area. One advantage of this beach are the abundant Eucalyptos trees which offer their generous shade. Furthermore a canteen is on hand to those who are in need of a cooling refreshment such as sodas, ice creams  and coffee.

Anavalos Beach

This particular beach can be found after the town of Xiropigado and on the way towards Astros and heading to Argolida. It is only one of the many quiet, small beaches you’ll meet on the way. The name comes from the undersea, fresh water source of Anavalo which springs  from Argolida and Kinouria. It’s location is in essence close to the border of the 2 regions and has a sandy beach and clear waters.A local attraction is the female monastery of Osios Makrivas which was built in 1971 and celebrates on July 19th.

The Beach of Arcadian Village

This is the beach belonging to the very beautiful Arcadian village which can be found when travelling to Agios Andreas towards Leonidio at the distance of 1,5 kilometres from the village. It is a pebbly beach and is basically a small bay with a length of 110 meters. The sea is clear and quite deep and is easily accessible via a small walking path. The facilities are the bare essentials for sunbathers, as only toilets, showers and rubbish bins are available.A very good choice to enjoy your swim in a great green landscape.