Astros & Nafplio

Besides the amazing time that Blue Horizon Suites can offer you, there are many activities around the area of Astros and Nafplio. A destination ideal for romantic outgoings and coastal excursions.

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Peloponnese has many exotic and top quality beaches that suits all taste. Easily accessible, some of them fully organised but also secluded ones. Ideal for families but also for couples .

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Historical Monuments & Sights

There is no doubt that Peloponnese is steeped in ancient history and charms every visitor with its archaeological sites. Characterises by the presence of ancient civilisation and historical monuments, the regions of Peloponnese are an integral part of the Greek history.

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Points of Interest

If you seek to admire the natural beauty of landscapes then we have picked the best destination for you…

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In close distance from ancient sites are the well established museums where visitors can admire several findings.

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Peloponnese monasteries are some of the most interesting monasteries in Greece. Byzantine churches, magnificent icons and beautiful landscapes make the monasteries in Peloponnese one of the top must visit during your visit here.

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