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The Beautiful City of Nafplio

One of the hottest destinations for weekend all year. The first capital of the modern Greek state is more than ‘visible’ ‘to guest emotions which are particularly acute in enjoying their stroll in the old town the particular preserved architecture, the two castles, Acronafplia and Palamidi course

A highlight of the city is the view from Palamidi which to enjoy it you have to climb 999 steps says the tradition, which believe me when you reach the top you will have forgotten that ascended from what we feel gazing at the sea

The city view from Akronafplia is equally impressive and I suggest you follow the beautiful and tidy pedestrian Arvanitia that ‘hugs’ the rock of Akronafplia, will enjoy a fantastic ride in the sea under your feet.

The heart of the old city beats behind the coast where Bouboulina Miaoulis and full of life with cafe-bars and taverns to enjoy the wonderful views of the Bourtzi. Street King Constantine is the main pedestrian and crosses almost the entire old town has an Italian flair and ends at cobbled square Constitution will create images of famous Italian squares. A little more next will find the building that now operates as a museum which housed the first parliament of the free Greek state: the legislative and the Old Mosque.

In Staikopoulou Street will synastiseis traditional tavernas and Worry Museum. Around this road there are many paths where you can enjoy the countless hamam and churches.

Panagiotis FiliopoulosThe Beautiful City of Nafplio