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Astros: The Beautiful Greek Resort

An ‘island’ on the land! The beautiful coastal Astros is a mere 2 hours from Athens. The residents refer to this area as an ‘island’ and it appears to be an accurate description with its white houses, blue sea and quint harbour all reminiscent of an Aegean landscape.

One local tradition in Astros is the fishing and here you will meet plenty of professional fisherman who began their careers at very young age.They are quick mention that the sea has been quite generous as there is an abundance of fish in the Argolikos bay which males it one of the richest bays in Greece with almost all species of fish found here.

Around the harbour, along the coast and under the gaze of the local castle, are a myriad of cafeterias and taverns which draw the attention of every visitor.

Many Athenians prefer often visits, as it is in close proximity to Athens, which allows them to enjoy the beautiful beach, the peace and quite, and the rich history of the area.

It should be mentioned that the area of Astros was chosen in 1823 to host the grand National Council during Greek Revolution which took place from April 10th to the 30th of that year.

Panagiotis FiliopoulosAstros: The Beautiful Greek Resort